Sunday, 24 September 2017


Resultado de imagen de dibujo chico guapoHi everyone!
My name is Joe. I am thirteen years old. I am from Canada but I live in London.
My dad is Canadian and my mum is British. I am a student at Oaklands Secondary School. I am in Class 2B.  My favourite subject is Science.
There are four people in my family. My dad's name is Paul and he is forty two. My mum's name is Anne and she is forty. I have got a sister, her name is Claire and she is nine years old. We have got a dog, too. Its name is Toby.
I like basketball and listening to music. I also like meeting my friends, watching tv and playing video games. I don't like shopping.

Nice to meet you all!


Extra practice:
1. Listening
2. Speaking